What is "Warm & Cozy"

Warm & Cozy is our once a year fundraiser to help us raise the necessary funds to support the center and your forensic nurses that help the victims of sexual abuse.  This abuse is real and it affects all ages, races and creeds.  Our forensic nursing team is a  24/7/365 group of exceptional nurses that work with local law enforcement and hospitals to collect information and evidence from sexual abuse victims order to aid law enforcement to find and prosecute offenders and which is equally as important exonerate the innocent.

Forensic Nurses . . . Making a Difference.  We work behind the scenes and the work we have done helps to save lives.  We save lives by giving our patients hope, options and the highest level of medical forensic care.  We help our patients know that it wasn't their fault and help them begin the healing process.  Sexual assault is happening virtually every 2 minutes - help us make a difference!